Stop Reckless Gambling in North Carolina

Oppose the Reckless Gambling Expansion in North Carolina

Slot Machine

Mini-Casinos in Every City

The proposed bill would create new casinos and slot machines in thousands of mini-casinos on every Main Street. This will bring easy-access gambling near our schools, our churches, our grocery stores, and our homes. Is this the future we want for our kids?

Learning Opportunities

Illinois put over 40,000 of these slot machines in gas stations, convenience stores, and bars across the state. It is a mistake to make North Carolina families be surrounded by gambling machines like in Illinois.

Predatory Out-of-State Operators

The proposed slot machines would be owned by predatory out-of-state operators, and expose our children and families to gambling in our neighborhoods.

Stop Reckless Gambling

Add your name today to help us fight against gambling machines in North Carolina neighborhoods. It’s up to each and every one of us to take a stand against reckless gambling in our state.